Great Landscape Enhancements For Any Budget

Love your landscape but want something more? Or, maybe the design is beautiful but doesn’t beckon your family to the great outdoors? Perhaps then it is time to consider an enhancement project. Accent your landscape with any of these ideas to create an attractive and functional outdoor space.

Fire pits and Fireplaces

Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces can bring a sense of sophistication and fun to any backyard. Diverse in style, they are easy additions to pre-existing decks, porches, outdoor living spaces, or as a stand-alone project. Fire pits and fireplaces can be installed with a traditional wood burning design, as gas fueled, or electric allowing you total control over size and intensity of the flame. The self-contained design provides safety while allowing your family to enjoy the relaxing ambiance of open flame, perhaps while roasting marshmallows for s’mores?

Water Features

Turn any landscape or yard into a private oasis with the addition for a water feature. Water features come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit any size yard, landscape, or budget. Ponds, pools, fountains, water walls, rain curtains, modern, traditional, Avant Garde – the possibilities are endless! Water features promote relaxation and can decrease stress through their soothing sounds and serene beauty. They also attract beneficial wildlife and can decrease unwanted noise pollution. No matter the size or complexity of the water feature, it will add a unique and relaxing feel to your backyard.


As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, landscape lighting is an excellent accent and increases home safety. Strategically placed lights can highlight interesting architectural or landscape design features, create additional depth and intrigue, while illuminating driveways, sidewalls, and other pathways. Landscape lighting bulbs are available in a variety of hues, colors, and sizes to fit pre-existing fixtures and compliment your home and landscape design. They can be added, or retrofitted, to create curb appeal and make a memorable first impression. Landscape lights are also the perfect way to enjoy your yard well into the night by creating bright and inviting outdoor entertainment spaces.

Seasonal Color

Perhaps the easiest way to spruce up a property is through the addition of seasonal plants. Each season offers its own, unique additions that can keep flowerbeds and landscapes feeling fresh and new year-round. From annuals to mums to poinsettias and holiday greenery, seasonal color and plants are a budget friendly way to naturally enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Landscaping With LEDs

Entertainment, design, style, safety, security – the reasons for modern landscape lighting are many. From pure aesthetic to completely functional, today’s LED bulbs are offering longer lasting illumination good for any purpose. Long gone are incandescent bulbs requiring high maintenance with a short life span. LED lights offer a better value, a variety of hues and style, with less maintenance than their predecessor.


Although LED bulbs run at a higher per bulb price point, that money is quickly recouped through greater efficiency and long-term cost savings. On average, an LED bulb burns up to 50,000 hours (approximately 17.1 years) versus the 2,000 – 5,000 hours (approximately 1.7 years) offered by traditional incandescent bulbs. This increased life expectancy reduces both upkeep and utility costs. Longer lasting bulbs result in less service calls for maintenance and bulb replacements. And, since LED bulbs run at a lower wattage, you can have equal to, or more, LED bulbs and still see cost savings. Low wattage LED bulbs also require less energy to burn, translating into less money spent on electricity.

The savings are applicable whether the goal is retrofitting a pre-existing lighting scheme or installing a new system. LED bulbs come in a variety of sizes and styles to easily retrofit a current system. Whether it’s flood lights, path lights, lamps, etc. there are LED bulbs available to meet the needs of any landscape lighting design. Further, the savings are even more apparent when installing a new system with LED lights. LED lights requires smaller transformers and less wire than incandescent bulbs, meaning less labor and material costs during the installation.


LED lights offer a diverse array of hues and colors to fit any landscape lighting design. Whereas incandescent bulbs offer only the traditional yellow hue, or 2700k (the temperature at which the bulb burns), Led lights range from yellow to light blue (2700 – 6000K). Providing a wider range of options to compliment a home’s exterior color, landscape and garden beds, and overall brightness and visibility. Further, LED lights are also available in variety of colors and color changing systems to make any outdoor living space party ready. From green, blue, purple, to pink bright colors can be added to accent and highlight interesting features, pools, patios, play and seating areas.

From retrofitting to new design, Country Club Landscaping has the means necessary to create efficient and attractive landscape lighting. Let us help take your home from daytime to nighttime with style, safety, and entertainment in mind.